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Breast Checker®

A break through in helping women perform self breast examinations with ease month after month. Designed to enhance the sense of touch.

It is recommended that all women should check their breasts and women over the age of 25 should ensure a regular habit of self-examination.

Each year more than 41,700 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer causes more than 12,400 deaths each year in the UK. Women with breast cancer detected early have a much better prognosis than those with more advanced disease (Cancer Research UK).

The Florri Femé Breast Checker® is designed to enhance the sense of touch. This device helps women perform their monthly self-exam with ease and may be reused every month.


Instructions for use

Examine your breasts once every month within a week after the end of your menstrual cycle or if you no longer menstruate, choose a day each month to perform your self examination.

Lay the Breast Checker®over breast and press firmly with the pads of your fingers, making small circles as you slide over every part of your breast and armpit. The lack of friction and improved sensitivity of the Florri Femé Breast Checker® will ease your examination as you feel for a lump, hardness or any changes in your breasts. Check both breasts while standing and lying, and look at the appearance of your breasts in the mirror, noting any changes in the shape of your breasts or puckering of the skin.

If you notice anything unusual arrange to consult your Doctor whom will be able to perform further examinations, give you reassurance or refer you to a specialist for further tests. The majority of changes will be normal.

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