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Femé pad®

The Femé pad® has been specially designed by midwife and mother of three, Dr Mary Steen, to give instant pain relief from childbirth soreness and stitching. The thermal gel pad provides a cooling, comforting and cushioning alternative. The gel pad is placed in the freezer for two hours and then applied to the affected area. It is non-invasive and drug free, so completely safe for mother and baby. It is shaped to fit the contours of a woman's body and comes with disposable gauze sleeves.


Information for Women

The Femé pad® is specially designed to give women instant pain relief in the vaginal and rectal region. The pain can be caused by vaginal irritations, injuries sustained during childbirth and inflamed haemorrhoids (piles).


It can be used during pregnancy and after having a baby to relieve vaginal irritations and soreness. A woman's perineum (the part of the body between the opening to the vagina and the back passage) will stretch and may tear during childbirth, sometimes it is necessary for a midwife or doctor to perform a cut (episiotomy). These two types of injuries may involve stitches. Swelling and bruising occurs very quickly and women have to cope with the pain and discomfort for several days. Usually women will be advised to take painkillers and bathe, an ice pack may be given to try and alleviate the pain and discomfort by numbing the area but women have found them uncomfortable and difficult to wear.


The specially designed Femé pad® provides a more comfortable, easy to use cooling alternative. It can also relieve pressure when sitting down by its soft cushioning effect which will enable women to sit more comfortably to feed their newborn baby.


By applying it directly to the hurting area, it has the ability to stop the horrible throbbing pain that can be very distressing for a lot of women. Its has many benefits for a woman, it is simple to use either when she is in hospital and in her own home, it is non-invasive, drug free, discreet and comfortable. A woman can be reassured that it is safe to use and will not have an adverse affect on herself or her baby. Two Femé pads® are needed (one on one in the freezer) for the woman to achieve maximum benefit. Cleaning them could not be simpler; washing them with hot soapy water and drying them before being placed in the vanity case for re-cooling is all that is required.


This woman-friendly product has been specifically designed with the help and support of midwives and women working together in partnership. It is a natural way to ease the pain and discomfort following childbirth, therefore, making early motherhood much more enjoyable.

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