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Everyone knows that giving birth can be a very rewarding, but also a very painful experience. After their baby is born and labour is over, new mothers want to concentrate on caring for and getting to know their new baby. But just when you want to feel at your best to care for your new baby, you can still be in constant pain and discomfort for up to a week after your baby is born.

This continuing pain is the result of something the doctors call 'Post Natal Perineal Trauma'. The condition affects all women, to a greater or lesser degree, who have had a 'normal', vaginal, delivery.


The soreness is constant and can last for many days after your baby is born. You feel uncomfortable even when you are just sitting down. Walking around or even lying down does not necessarily help, and visiting the toilet can be very painful.


Some women find that the action of breastfeeding aggravates the problem and can make feeding time fraught for both mother and baby. You will want to introduce your new baby to all its new family, relatives and friends. However, many women find find that just sitting in the car can be particularly uncomfortable and driving with this condition themselves is completely out of the question.


Medical studies have shown that this entire trauma can contribute to insomnia, just when you need your sleep to cope with night-time feeding, and also contributes to a loss of appetite. This loss of appetite can lead to poor lactation, which makes your baby want feeding more often, and a lack of good nutrition makes you feel even more tired, irritable and run down.


All of this can start a vicious cycle of pain, irritability, and tiredness that may stop you from enjoying those first, vital days of your baby's life. Femé pad® brings relief, and will help you feel more able to cope with caring for your baby.

Why Is Femé Pad® Different?

At the heart of the Femé pad® cushion is a specially formulated and patented gel developed by Florri Femé specifically for the treatment of bruising, swelling and soreness of the perineum.


It Won't Freeze Solid

One of the main advantages of Femé pad®, over other products that are cooled in the freezer, is that the Femé pad® gel will not freeze into a solid hard lump, even if it left in the freezer overnight. This means that the cushion will always be comfortable to wear and will mould itself to the exact shape of your body. First thing in the morning, just when you need it most, Femé Pad® is instantly ready to wear.


It Tells You When It's Ready

During the day Femé pad® takes two hours to cool to its optimum. Having reached its optimum temperature Femé pad® will have gone through a visible "colour" change as the gel goes from being clear blue, to cloudy or opaque. This change in appearance means that Femé pad® contains its own, built in, virtual thermometer to let you know when it is ready for use.


It Goes Colder Than Other Injury Packs

Because of its patented composition the Femé pad® gel will reach, and retain, a lower temperature (-8˚C to -10˚C) than other "Injury Treatment" types of products.


It Stays Colder Longer Than Other Injury Packs

The Femé pad® gel has been specially designed to retain, and then slowly release in a precisely controlled manner, the cooling and soothing effect of this -8˚C to -10˚C temperature. While it is cooling The Femé pad® gel traps tiny pockets of moisture, which freeze to form a special "gel/ice" mixture. As the heat of your body thaws this mixture the Femé pad® gel uses the chemistry of its composition to actually slow down the warming up process. All this clever physics and chemistry means that a Femé pad® cushion will stay colder for longer than almost any other type of cooling injury pack. This in turn means that its numbing, cooling and soothing effects last longer so you don't need to apply the packs as often.


It's Re-Useable and Effective For Other Problems

Once it has warmed back up to body temperature, you will be able to use your Femé pad® cushion for other problems such as thrush, haemorrhoids or piles, minor bumps, bruises, strains, grazes or swellings. Femé pad® goes on delivering comfort and relief long after the first few days of your baby's life.

What Are the Unique Thermal Properties of the Femé Pad® Gel?


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