Florri-Feme Pharmaceuticals


Teddy Cool®

Children will love Teddy Cool®. The fast comforting way to sooth minor aches, burns, bites and brusies.


Cold Treatment

Simply chill and store the Teddy Cool® Pad in your fridge or freezer ready for use. Place Teddy Cool® in its gauze pouch (provided) when using straight from the freezer. Apply to the sore area for soothing pain relief.


Warm Treatment

Warming relief from aches and stiffness where there is no swelling. Place the Teddy Cool® Pad in warm water for 5 minutes, remove and check to ensure the pad is at a comfortable temperature, and dry with a clean towel before applying. Do not microwave.


Pad Cleaning and Safety

Wash the pad in a bowl of warm soapy water and dry with a clean towel, before cooling or warming it again. Do not use sterilising fluids or tablets to clean the pad. Do not boil the pad in water or microwave. Discard the pad if damaged or punctured.

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