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Florri Femé Pharmaceuticals Ltd. receives many comments about our products. Below are just a few;

" For me, the femé Pad was far more effective than taking pain killers and, because it is a natural product, I was comfortable about using it and confident that it would not harm either myself of my baby."

Angela Mead from Leeds


"I'd bought the Femé Pad before going into hospital, but forgot about it until (after an episiotomy) the pain prevented me sitting, walking everything I did hurt. You get two pads that look like sanitary pads but are made of a plastic gel. You put them in the freezer then pop them in your pants to give you temporary relief as the cut heals. Yopu have to keep changing them, but its worth it to be able to move about without it hurting all the time."

Sarah Richardson from Beckenham Kent quoted in News of the World article 28th August 2005

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